# Jacknife LEE: Produzent, Mixing, Keyboards, Programming, Additional Guitars & Vocals & Co-Autor [=> sämtliche Songs von "You And Others"].

# Phil ROWE: Co-Autor [auf: "Shoot Up Hill"].

# Daniel WISE: add. arrangements [auf: "The Caterpillar Song" & "Sing"].

# Mike ROWE: Hammond Organ [auf "The Caterpillar Song", "Sine", "Hallelujah", "Burn And Fade" & "Traffic Jam"]; Keyboards [auf "Satellite", "Hearing Voices" & "Love Breaks Down"]; add. arrangements [auf: "The Love You Had"]; string arrangements [auf "Love Breaks Down"].
# Aran ENBRY: Keyboards [auf: "Radio Song"].
# Ron ANIELLO: Keyboards [auf: "Better Life" & "Sing"].
# Richard CAUSON: Additional piano [auf: "Let Go"].

# James BANBURY: string arrangements [auf: "Life Is Beautiful"]; cellos [auf: "If This Is It" & "Life Is Beautiful"].

# Julia KENT: Cello [auf: "The Caterpillar Song"].
# Dina BEAMISH:  Cello [auf: "The Love You Had"].
# Mike EDWARDS: Cello [auf "Love Breaks Down"].
# Sarah HARRISON: Violin [auf "Love Breaks Down"].
# Ann STEPHENSONS: Violin [auf "Love Breaks Down"].
# Everton NELSON: Violin [auf: "Life Is Beautiful"].
# Janice GRAHAM: Violin [auf: "Life Is Beautiful"].
# Louisa FULLER: Violin [auf: "Life Is Beautiful"].
# Lucy WILLIAMS: Violin [auf: "Life Is Beautiful"].

# Pamela LAWS: backing vocals [auf: "The Caterpillar Song"].
# Andrew BRITT: backing vocals [auf: "The Caterpillar Song"].
# Steve CONTE: backing vocals [auf: "The Caterpillar Song"].
# Melissa GARNER: Aditional Vocals [auf: "Life Is Beautiful"].