Die folgende Liste enthält sämtliche Songs, die die Band Travis (bzw. deren einzelne Mitglieder) bisher recorded und/oder performed haben.

# Tracks mit * sind nur im Live-Repertoire (d.h.während Auftritten & bei Radio-Sessions) gespielt worden
# Songs mit ° sind Cover-Versionen
# Songs in WEISS sind jene, für die Neil Drums (ein-)spielte (d.h. Ron Sexmith & Yusuf Islam)
# Songs in BLAU sind jene der Band "Peloton", in der Neil Drums spielt.
# Songs in SCHWARZ sind jene vom Susie Hug - Album, für welches Travis als Begleitband fungierten
# Songs in GELB sind jene vom Jamie Scott - Album, für welches Neil & Dougie Teil seiner Begleitband "The Town" waren
# Songs mit x befinden sich in meiner Plattensammlung.
x 1922

x "20"

x 12th Memory

3 Times And You Lose 

3 Miles High

(tw.) All I Want To Do Is Rock [2 Versionen: Album Version & 10" - Version]

x As You Are

x Afterglow

x ° * All The Young Dudes [Mott The Hoople / David Bowie - Cover Vesion]

x Ancient Train

* ° Another Sleep Song [Graham Nash - Cover Version] [=> performed live mit Graham Nash].

x A Little Bit Of Soul

* Alone On Christmas Day [=> composed by Fran with a part written for Chris Moyles, and played on BBC Radio 1's "Breakfast Show"; 14/12/2004]

x * ° After Mark and Lard Go [= Keane's "Somewhere Only We Know"(!) mit and. Lyrics - aufgenommen für & bei  der allerletzten "Mark and Lard Show" (on BBC1, aired on March 26th, 2004); z.B. auf downloadbar gewesen] 

x ° Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious World [=> The Divine Comedy feat. Dougie on bass] 

x Another Guy


All Of The Places

x Animal Friends

x August Moon

x Amazed

* ° Back In Black [AC/ DC - Cover Version]: in Anfangstagen im Live-Repertoire

x Blue Flashing Light

x Beautiful Bird 

x Blue On A Black Weekend

x ° * Baby One More Time 

x ° Be My Baby

x Beautiful 

x Back In The Day

x Bring Me Round

Big Chair 


x Before You Were Young 

x Broken Mirror 

x ° Beach Boys (3:19) [= "Surfin' USA" mit neuem Text; = Outtake von "The Man Who"; seit 17. Dezember 2011 v.d. "Fran Healy"-Website downloadbar] 

x City In The Rain 

x Combing My Hair

x Coming Around

x Central Station

° * Christmas Kazoo Medley

(tw.) Closer [3 Versionen: Album Version, Acoustic Version (exklusiv auf "iTunes") & "Muzak Version" (= eine 1minütige MIDI - Instrumental Version (eine Art Ringtone => siehe: "Break" beim "Closer"-Videoclip!; downloadbar auf der official Website)] 


x Chances

x Chinese Blues 

x ° Changes [Jamie Scott feat. Neil & Dougie]

x Cant Copeland [=> = seit 16. Mai 2014 via "Soundcloud"-Site downloadbar gewesen]

x Driftwood 

x Days Of Our Lives

x Dear Diary

Dream On [=> noch unter dem Namen "Glass Onion"]

x Definition Of Wrong

° Don't Be Shy [Cat Stevens - Cover Version]

x ° Do They Know It's Christmas? [=> "Band Aid 20" feat. Fran Healy]

x Distraction

x ° Do What You Do (Earworm Song) [=> Fran Healy gemeinsam mit dem Clint Boon Experience]

x ° Dandelion Wine (Ron Sexmith)

x Everyday Faces

x Enemy

° * Everyday Is Like Sunday [Morrissey - Cover Version] [=>  played live @ "Isle Of Wight" - Festival 2005]

Eyes Wide Open 

x Everything At Once

x Evergreen

x Falling Down 

(tw.) Funny Thing [3 Versionen: Album Version, Remix & Version v. "All I Want..."-10"]

x Flowers In The Window

x Follow The Light

x ° For The Driver (Ron Sexmith)

* ° Fake Plastic Trees [Radiohead - Cover Version]

* ° Faith [George Michael - Cover Version] [=> performed live on 29/10/2004 @ "Chris Moyles Show", BBC Radio 1] 

Free Soul [=> noch unter dem Namen "Glass Onion"]

x Friends 

x Fable

x For Example [=> = seit 14. September 2019 via "Soundcloud"-Site als Stream zu haben gewesen]

x Good Day To Die 

x Good Feeling [2 Versionen: Album & 4-Track-Version]

x Give Me Some Truth

x Good Time Girls

x Green Behind The Ears 

x Good For Nothing

Get It On [=> Early Travis Demo]

x Get Up 

* ° Gimme Some Truth [John Lennon - Cover Version] 

x Green To Gold

x GrandSlam [=> = seit anfangs 2014 via "Soundcloud"-Site downloadbar gewesen]

x Happy

x Happy To Hang Around

x Hazy Shades Of Gold

High As A Kite

x ° * Here Comes The Sun [The Beatles - Cover Version]

x ° * Hey Jude [=> performed by Paul McCartney, Travis und anderen als Finale bei "Live 8" (02/07/05), London, Hyde Park] 

x How Many Hearts

x ° Happiness (Ron Sexmith)

* ° Heroes (gemeinsam mit  Remy Zero) [David Bowie - Cover Version] [=> performed @ "Warfield Theatre", San Francisco - 25. Oktober  2001].

x ° Hey You [Jamie Scott feat. Neil & Dougie]

x I Love You Anyways

x Indefinitely

x I Don't Mean To Get High

* ° I Don't Like Mondays [Boomtown Rats - Cover Version]: performed live @ "Live 8" gemeinsam mit Bob Geldof. 

x I Forget My Name

* ° If You're Happy & You Know It [=> Live-Intro zu "Happy"] 

* ° Imperial Family Theme [aka "The Imperial Family"] [=> = adaptation of Oasis song "Half The World Away" & "Star Wars Theme" (!), performed by Fran Healy @ "The Adam And Joe Show", Series 4, Episode 1 (24. Juni 2000)].

° Is That Love? [Squeeze - Cover Version]

* ° I Kissed A Girl [Katy Perry - Cover Version].


x ° Indian Ocean [Yusuf Islam (feat. Neil Primrose on Drums])

x Just The Faces Change

* ° Just Another Sleep Song 

x J. Smith

x ° Killer Queen [Queen - Cover Version]

x Know Nothing

(tw.) Kissing In The Wind [2 Versionen: Album Version & Demo (zu hören am Ende der "Almost Fashionable- A Film About Travis"-Doku)].

x Kick Back Breaks [=> = seit anfangs 2014 via "Soundcloud"-Site als Stream zu haben gewesen]

x Luv [co-written by Adam Seymour]

x Last Train

x Love Will Come Through [2 Versionen: "First Recording Version" v. "Moonlight Mile" & "12 Memories" - Album Version]

x Life And Soul Of The Party

x * ° Last Christmas [Wham! - Cover Version]

* ° Lovely Rita [The Beatles - Cover Version] [=> performed for BBC Radio 2's project to 
celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Beatles' "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band"; Juni 2007]

(tw.) ° Lola [The Kinks - Cover Version] [2 Versionen: Live-Version & Album Version (= B-Side von "Something Anything")]

x Long Way Down 

x Last Words 

x ° London Town [Jamie Scott feat. Neil & Dougie] 

x ° Love Song To Remember [Jamie Scott feat. Neil & Dougie]

x ° Lady West

x Midsummer Nights Dreamin'

(tw.) More Than Us [2 Versionen: Album- & String Version] 

x Me Beside You

x Mother

x Mid-life Krysis

x My Eyes 

My Last Chance

Music For Bus Stops [=> Jam mit Brian Eno]

* ° Merry Xmas Everybody [Slade - Cover Version] [=> performed live Live - 15. Dezember 2001)

x Moving

x Magnificent Time [co-written by Tim Rice-Oxley]

x * ° Nobody Does It Better [Sheena Easton - Cover]

x No Cigar

New Amsterdam 

° * No Limit [2 Unlimited - Cover Version!! - sung backstage @ Glastonbury; 24. Juni 2000]

° Nothing Ever Happens [Del Amitri - Cover Version].

x ° Not About To Lose (Ron Sexmith)

x Needles And Pins

x Only Molly Knows

One Night 

Out In Space

x Pipe Dreams

x Peace The Fuck Out

x Paperclips

Perfect Heaven Space [= 2. Hidden Track v. "The Boy With No Name" => = "UK Bonus Track"]

* ° Party [=> gemeinsam mit Paul McCartney]

* ° Pipes Of Peace [Paul McCartney - Cover Version]

* ° Psycho Killer [Talking Heads - Cover Version]

°  Pulling Mussels (From A Shell) [Squeeze - Cover Version]


x Party Girls

x Quicksand

x Quite Free 

(tw.) ° Reason [2 Versionen: B-Side v. "More Than Us" & Susie Hug-Album]

x ° River

x Rock 'n' (Salad) Roll 

x Ring Out The Bell

x Re-Offender

* ° Rocket Man [Elton John - Cover Version] [=> performed live on tour 2002]

Radio Song

x ° Runaway Train [Jamie Scott feat. Neil & Dougie]

x ° Rise Up [Jamie Scott feat. Neil & Dougie]

x Run Through The Valley [=> = seit anfangs 2014 via "Soundcloud"-Site downloadbar gewesen]

x She's So Strange

x Slide Show

x Standing On My Own

x Sing

x Side

x Safe

x Somewhere Else

x Some Sad Song [a.k.a. In The Church]

x Selfish Jean [2 Versionen: Album Version & Radio Edit]

Sailing Away [= 1. Hidden Track v. "The Boy With No Name"]

* ° Sunday Bloody Sunday [U2 - Cover Version]

* ° Saturday Night

* ° Space Oddity (Live - 2000/06/24)

* ° Suspicious Minds [Elvis Presele - Cover Version] [=> performed live ; 27. Juli 2001)

* ° Staying Alive [Bee Gees - Cover Version]

x Something Anything 

(tw.) Song To Self [2 Versionen: Album Version & Extended Version] 

x Sarah

Strangers On A Train

x ° Shadows [Jamie Scott feat. Neil & Dougie]

(tw.) ° Standing In The Rain [Jamie Scott feat. Neil & Dougie] [3 Versionen: Album Version, Radio Edit & "Ash Howes Mix"]

x Submarine

(tw.) The Line Is Fine [2 Versionen: Album Version & Version v. "All I Want..."-10"]

x Tied To The 90s

x The Fear 

x The Last Laugh Of The Laughter

x Turn

x The Cage

x ° The Urge For Going

x The Connection

x ° The Weight

x The Humpty Dumpty Love Song

(tw.) The Beautiful Occupation [2 Versionen: Album Version & Acoustic Studio Version]

x The Sea

x The Score

x The Distance

x ° Tumble And Fall [=> Feeder feat. Fran & Dougie] 

The Day Before [=> noch unter dem Namen "Glass Onion"] 

x The Day To Day

x This Love

x The Great Unknown

x Tail Of The Tiger 

x * ° Thirteen [Big Star - Cover Version]

The Ballad Of J Smith

x ° Two Men [Jamie Scott feat. Neil & Dougie] 

x Theme Peloton [= Live Session; seit 7. Mai 2014 via "Soundcloud"-Site als Stream bzw. als "youtube"-Video zu haben gewesen]

x U16 Girls

x ° Unbelievers [2 Versionen: Travis-  bzw Susie Hug - Version]

° Under The Moonlight [Susie Hug - Cover Version] 

° Up The Junction [Squeeze - Cover Version]

x Used To Belong

° Untitled [Jamie Scott feat. Neil & Dougie]

x Village Man

x ° Vote Beeblebrox [=> Neil Hannon,  Dougie Payne, Andy Dunlop u.a. - vom "The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy" - Soundtrack]

x Writing To Reach You 

x Why Does It Always Rain Down On Me?

(tw.) Whenever She Comes Around [=> 2 Versionen: unter dem Namen "Glass Onion" & als Travis (B-Side v. "Tied to the 90s")] 

x (When I'm Feeling Blue) Days Of The Week

x We Are Monkeys 

x Where Is The Love

x ° * Wichita Lineman (gemeinsam mit Jason Falkner)

x Walking Down The Hill

x Walking In The Sun

What Will Come

x Waiting (Martin And James) [=> written by Martin Kelly & James O'Neill; co-written by Fran Healy

x ° When Will I See Your Face Again [Jamie Scott feat. Neil & Dougie] [2 Versionen: Album Version & Edited Album Version]

x ° Weeping Willow [Jamie Scott feat. Neil & Dougie]

(tw.) Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah

x You Don't Know What I'm Like 

x ° You're A Big Girl Now [Bob Dylan - Cover Version]

x You Bring Me Down

x ° You Don't Have To Change [Magne F feat. Andy Dunlop on e-guitar]

* ° You've Got To Hide Your Love Away [The Beatles - Cover Version]  [=> performed live; 19. November 1999] 


(240 Songs .... and still growing)