(Die folgende Liste enthält sämtliche Songs, die die Band SYMPHONY X jemals im Laufe ihrer Bandgeschichte aufgenommen und/oder performed haben (und sei es nur bei einem Live-Auftritt geschehen, den niemand mitgeschnitten hat.....)

(Nota Bene:
Song-Titles in ROT sind jene von Michael Romeos Soloalben bzw. seine Gastbeiträge bei anderen Platten,
Song-Titles in VIOLETT sind jene von Michael Pinellas Soloalbum,
Song-Titles in GELB sind von "Distant Thunder" & "Heathen's Rage", wo Mike LePond Mitglied ist/war, bzw. dessen  Gastbeiträge bei "Frost"
Song-Titles in ORANGE sind unveröffentlichte Songs,
Song-Titles in BLAU sind jene von Russel Allens Soloalbum bzw. jene seiner Zweitband "Adrenaline Mob",
Song- Titles in GRÜN sind Cover-Versionen bzw.
Songs, die mit * gekennzeichnet sind, sind Bearbeitungen klassischer Motive)

A Winter´s Dream (Part 1).
A Winter´s Dream (Part 2) [2 Versionen: Album Version & Rough Mix].
A Lesson Before Dying.
Absinthe And Rue.
Absence Of Light.
A Fool´s Paradise.
Accolade II.
Alone [Cover Version].
Analog Kid [Cover Version].
Around [Cover Version].
After [Cover Version] [Cover Version] [=> Orchestration für Steve Walsh].
A Word From The Master.
Alien DeathRay.
Atomic Soul.
All On The Line (Adrenaline Mob) [2 Versionen: Album- & Acoustic Version].
Angel Sky (Adrenaline Mob) [2 Versionen: Album- & Acoustic Version].
Another Battle (Russel Allen).
Ask You Anyway (Russel Allen).
Army Of Dreamers (Russel Allen / Anette Olzon). 
A Million Skies (Russel Allen / Anette Olzon). 
Are We Really Strangers (Russel Allen / Anette Olzon). 
All Alone (Russel Allen / Anette Olzon) [2 Versionen: Album Version & Acoustic Version].
Beginning [Cover Version].
Burning Eyes [Cover Version].
Break Away.
Brave New World (Outro).
Beyond The Black Field Of Stars.
Brotherhood Of Lies.
Believe Me (Adrenaline Mob) [2 Versionen: Album- & EP-Version].
Break On Through (Adrenaline Mob) [The Doors - Cover Version].
Barracuda (Adrenaline Mob) [Heart - Cover Version].
Behind These Eyes (Adrenaline Mob).
Black Sabbath Medley (Adrenaline Mob) [= "Into The Void", "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath", "Killing Yourself To Live", "Sweet Leaf" & "Electric Funeral"].
Bleeding Hands (Adrenaline Mob).
Blind Leading The Blind (Adrenaline Mob).
Bastards Of The Machine.
Candlelight Fantasia.
Church Of The Machine.
Communion And The Oracle.
Children Of A Faceless God.
Cask Of Amontillado.
Chosen By Re [Cover Version].
Close To You [Cover Verson].
Carry Me [Cover Version].
Can You Hear The Sound? [Cover Version].
Coldness Of my mind [Cover Version].
Child Known Love.
Can't Stop Me Now.
Cross The Bridge.
Come Alive (Russel Allen).
Carves Into Stone (Russel Allen / Anette Olzon). 
Cemetary Gates [Pantera - Cover Version] [=> performed live in Texas by Dream Theater (feat. Russel Allen,  Burton C. Bell & Dave Mustaine] (zu finden auf der "Gigantour" - DVD).
Covered In Blood.
Cold As Ice [Cover Version].
City Of Hell.
Come Undone (Adrenaline Mob) [Duran Duran - Cover Version].
Come On Get Up (Adrenaline Mob).
Crystal Clear (Adrenaline Mob) [2 Versionen: Album- & Acoustic Version].
Chasing Dragons (Adrenaline Mob).
Dressed To Kill.
Dawn Of A Million Souls (Russel Allen).
Dreamtime (Russel Allen).
Desperation (Part 1)  [=> Redemption feat. Jason Rullo].
Desperation (Part 2) [=> Redemption feat. Jason Rullo].
Desperation (Part 3) [=> Redemption feat. Jason Rullo].
Desperation (Part 4) [=> Redemption feat. Jason Rullo].
Distant Thunder.
Dark Storm [2 V ersionen].
Defy The King.
Disillusioned [nur als Demo vorhanden].
Departing For Eternity.
Davey, And The Stone That Rolled Away [Cover Version] [=> Orchestration für Steve Walsh].
Dorian Grey (The Portrait).
Divide & Conquer [2 Versionen: Album- & Instrumental Version]. 
Destroyer [2 Versionen: Album- & Instrumental Version].
Down To The Floor (Adrenaline Mob) [2 Versionen: Album- & EP-Version].
Dearly Departed (Adrenaline Mob) [2 Versionen: Album Version & Radio Edit].
Devil Went Down To Georgia (Adrenaline Mob) [Charlie Daniels Band - Cover Version].
Evolution (The Grand Design).
Eve of Seduction.
Electric Messiah.
Edge of Insanity.
Enter By The 12th Gate.
Evening's Fall [Cover Version].
Enslave The Free.
Frontiers [= Outtake von "The Odyssey"].
Fading Away [Cover Verson].
Forest Song [Cover Version].
Fear The Unknown.
F*cking Robots.
Fire in the Skies.
Finding My Way.
Fight Fire With Fire [Cover Version].
Fight Till The End [2 Versionen].
Far Beyond The Realms.
Falling From The Sky .
Feelin' Me (Adrenaline Mob).
Freight Train (Adrenaline Mob).
Feel The Adrenaline (Adrenaline Mob).
Fallin' To Pieces (Adrenaline Mob).
Gates Of Misery ["Write in Progress" - Version von "The Eyes Of Medusa"].
Gets You Through The Night (Adrenaline Mob).
Gone Too Far (Russel Allen).
Hopeless Creator.
Hell Or High Water.
Hold On Loosely.
Head First.
He Will Die (Russel Allen).
Hunter's Night (Russel Allen).
Hell And Back.
Hybrids [2 Versionen: Album- & Instrumental Version].
Hit The Wall (Adrenaline Mob) [2 Versionen: Album- & EP-Version].
High Wire (Adrenaline Mob) [Badlands - Cover Version].
House Of Lies (Adrenaline Mob).
Into The Dementia.
In The Dragon´s Den.
Incantations Of The Apprentice.
Inferno (Unleash The Fire) [2 Versionen: Album- & Demo Version].
In My Darkest Hour.
I Am Gone (Russel Allen / Anette Olzon). 
In The Mirror [Cover Version].
It Ain't Love.
I'm For America.
Introduction - Part II.
I Welcome The End.
Indifferent (Adrenaline Mob).
Ignorance & Greed (Adrenaline Mob).
Journey Back [Cover Version].
Just A Matter Of Time.
Just Before The Dawn [2 Versionen: Album- & Instrumental Version].
Just A Dream (Russel Allen).
Judgment Day (Adrenaline Mob).
Kadesh [Cover Version].
Keep On Knockin' [Cover Version] [Cover Version] [=> Orchestration für Steve Walsh].
King Of Terrors.
Kiss Of Fire.
Knights Of Steel [2 Versionen].
Kill The King (Adrenaline Mob) [Rainbow - Cover Version].
King Of The Ring (Adrenaline Mob).
Lady Of The Snow.
Light Up The Night.
Lord Of Eternity [Cover Version].
Lie Laura.
Love's A Painful Game.
Let The Devil Beware.
Lovin' You Is A Sin.
Lost in Time.
Lack Of Communication [Cover Version].
Live For The Day.
Loosin' You.
Let It Go (Adrenaline Mob).
Lords Of Thunder (Adrenaline Mob).
Lost Soul (Russel Allen / Anette Olzon).
Look At Me (Russel Allen / Anette Olzon). 
Masquerade [2 verschiedene Aufnahmen: 1. Version (vom Debut-Album mit Rod Tyler) & '98er Version (mit "Orchester"-Intro und Russel Allen)].
Masque Of The Red Death.
Mjr # 13.
Motorcycle Rock.
Metamorphosis [2 Versionen: Album- & Instrumental Version].
Maschinenmensch [2 Versionen: Album- & Instrumental Version].
Moracan Lullaby.
Mob Is Back (Adrenaline Mob).
Men Of Honor (Adrenaline Mob).
My Enemy (Russel Allen / Anette Olzon).
Noit Al Ever.
Next In Line.
Nocturnal [=> Redemption feat. Jason Rullo].
Never Die (Russel Allen / Anette Olzon).
No Sign Of Life (Russel Allen / Anette Olzon).
Never To Late (Russel Allen / Anette Olzon). 
Nippin' At Your Ear.
Nations Under War.
Nations Under Will.
Of Sins And Shadows.
Out Of The Ashes.
Orion - The Hunter.
On The Breath Of Poseidon.
Oculus Ex Inferni.
Out In The Cold.
Out in The Streets.
Obsessed (Russel Allen).
Out Of Nowhere (Russel Allen / Anette Olzon). 
Paradise Lost.
Prometheus (I Am Alive).
Psychotic Episode.
Paganini - Concerto in B Minor*.
Piano Overture* [=> Vitalij Kuprij feat. Mike Romeop on guitar].
Parasite [2 Versionen: Album- & Instrumental Version].
Perfect Survivor (Russel Allen).
Peace Sells [Megadeth - Cover Version] [=> performed live @ "Gigantour 2005" - Abschlußgig als Live-Jam aller beteiligter Bands (inkl. Symphony X)] (zu finden auf der "Gigantour" - DVD).
Piano Concerto #1 (Movement 1).
Piano Concerto #1 (Movement 2).
Piano Concerto #1 (Movement 3).
Peter And Me.
Passage To The Classical Side.
Past Visions [2 Versionen].
Phantasm [2 Versionen].
Psychosane (Adrenaline Mob) [2 Versionen: Album- & EP-Version].
Rapture Or Pain.
Rediscovery (Part 1).
Rediscovery (Part 2: The New Mythology).
Revelation (Divus Pennae ex Tragoedia).
Reign In Madnes.
Run With The Devil.
Restless And Wild.
Run With The Pack (2004er Version).
Reasons [Cover Version].
Rock On.
Romeo Delight (Adrenaline Mob) [Van Halen - Cover Version].
Raise 'Em Up (Adrenaline Mob).
Rebell Yell (Adrenaline Mob) [Billy Idol - Cover Version]].
Savage Curtain.
Sea Of Lies.
Shades Of Grey.
Smoke And Mirrors.
Set The World On Fire (The Lie Of Lies).
Sevil Alucard.
Samurai [Cover Version].
Seeds Of Sorrow [Cover Version].
Shadowman [Cover Version] [=> Orchestration für Steve Walsh].
Something Wicked This Way Comes [=> Redemption feat. Jason Rullo].
Silent Rage (Russel Allen).
So Quiet Here (Russel Allen / Anette Olzon). 
Souless Inventions.
Slow Burn.
Sign On The Gipsy Queen.
Scriabin Etude Op. 42 (No. 5) *.
Seasons Of Insanity.
Saucey Jack.
Stand Up And Shout (Adrenaline Mob) [Dio - Cover Version].
Snortin' Whiskey [aka "Snortin Whiskey"] (Adrenaline Mob) [Pat Travers - Cover Version].
The Damnation Game.
The Eyes Of Medusa.
The Witching Hour.
The Relic.
The Bird-Serpent War/ Cataclysm.
The Death Of Balance/ Lacrymosa*.
Through The Looking Class (Part I).
Through The Looking Class (Part II).
Through The Looking Class (Part III).
The Divine Wings Of Tragedy (Part 1 : At The Four Corners Of The Earth).
The Divine Wings Of Tragedy (Part 2: In The Room Of Thrones).
The Divine Wings Of Tragedy (Part 3: A Gathering Of Angels).
The Divine Wings Of Tragedy (Part 4: The Wrath Divine).
The Divine Wings Of Tragedy (Part 5: The Prophet's Cry).
The Divine Wings Of Tragedy (Part 6: Bringer Of The Apocalypse).
The Divine Wings Of Tagedy (Part 7: Paradise Regained).
The Edge Of Forever.
The Accolade.
This Night.
Thorns Of Sorrow.
The Haunting.
The Raging Season.
The Odyssey (Part 1: Odysseus' Theme/ Overture) [2 Versionen: Album- & Demo Version].
The Odyssesy (Part 2: Journey to Ithaca).
The Odyssey (Part 3: The Eye).
The Odyssey (Part 4: Circe - Daughter of the Sun).
The Odyssey (Part 5: Sirens).
The Odyssey (Part 6: Scylla and Charybdis).
The Odyssey (Part 7: The Fate of the Suitors/ Champion of Ithaca).
The Turning.
Taunting The Notorious.
The Serpent's Kiss.
The Walls of Babylon.
The Sacrifice.
The End Of Innocence [2 Versionen: Album Version & Instrumental].
The Lords Of Chaos.
The Day Upon You.
The Chase.
The Man I Am.
The Premature Burial.
Travel Through Time [Cover Version].
The Last Viking [Cover Version].
Two Kinds Of People.
That's Fashion.
The Perfect Weapon [2 Versionen: Album- & Instrumental Version].
Twilight In Olympus [=> unvollendet geblieben; die vorhandene Musik wurde dann schließlich für das Album "Symphony X - V" verwendet!].
The Eye of Ra (Russel Allen).
Star Wars Suite (Symphony X).
Truth Of Our Time (Russel Allen).
The Forgotten Ones (Russel Allen).
The Revenge (Russel Allen).
The White Room.
The Distance.
The Mob Rules (Adrenaline Mob) [Black Sabbath - Cover Version] [2 Versionen: EP- & "Covertà-Version].
The Lemon Song (Adrenaline Mob) [Led Zeppelin - Cover Version].
Tie Your Mother Down (Adrenaline Mob) [Queen - Cover Version].
The Killer's Inside (Adrenaline Mob).
Til The Head Explode (Adrenaline Mob).
Undaunted (Adrenaline Mob).
Universe Of Light (Russell Allen).
Until It's Over (Russel Allen / Anette Olzon). 
Vizier [Cover Version] [2 Versionen: Album Version & Extended Version].
Valhall Scuffle [Cover Version].
Voodoo Hand.
Violent State Of Mind (Adrenaline Mob).
Victory (Russel Allen).
Wait With The Wicked [= "Write in Progress" - Titel von "Wicked"].
When All Is Lost.
Without You.
Window To Space [=> Redemption feat. Jason Rullo].
Wish For A Miracle (Russel Allen).
Will You Follow (Russel Allen).
Wake Up Call (Russel Allen).
Who Can You Trust (Russel Allen).
When Time Doesn't Heal (Russel Allen) [2 Versionen: Album Version & Remix].
Worlds Apart (Russel Allen / Anette Olzon).
What If I Live (Russel Allen / Anette Olzon) [2 Versionen: Album Version & Remix].
Who You Really Are (Russel Allen / Anette Olzon).
Who's Gonna Stop Me Now (Russel Allen / Anette Olzon).
Winter Battle [Cover Version].
War Machine.
Welcome To My Daydream.
We Will Fly.
We The People (Adrenaline Mob).
What You're Made Of (Adrenaline Mob).
What's Left.
What I Say.
Wasting Your Luv.
You Won't Escape (Russel Allen).
You Can't Stop Rock 'n' Roll (Adrenaline Mob feat. Jay Jay French on guitar) [Twisted Sister - Cover Version] [=>  performed live @ "Starland Ballroom" (Sayreville, New Jersey) am 21. Mai 2015].

(362 songs ..... and still growing)