The Gathering:

Line Up:

# Anneke VAN GIERSBERGEN (* 8. März 1973; St. Michielsgestel, Holland): vocals & lyrics [seit "Mandylion" (1995)]; Akustik Gitarre [auf "How To Measure A Planet?"]; rythm guitar, percussion [z.B. bei Live Tournee zu "Souvenirs" (2003)]; Songwriting [ANDERE BANDS (vor The Gathering): unter anderem "Bad Breath" (=> als Duo; Musik = Mix v. Blues, Jazz, Folk & Funk)].
# René RUTTEN: electric und acoustic guitars,flute [auf "Mandylion"]; theremin & didgeridoo [auf "How To Measure..."]; 505 loops & vibraphone [auf "If_Then_Else"]; percussion [z.B. bei Live Tournee zu "Souvenirs" (2003)]; Songwriting
# Frank BOEIJEN: keyboards, synthesizers, grand & upright piano; samples [auf "Always" & "Almost A Dance"]; leslie speakers [auf "Nighttime Birds"]; drum- & 505 loops, hammond organ, rhodes, wurlitzer ["If_Then_Else"]; Songwriting
# MARJOLEIN KOOIJMAN: bass [seit Ende November 2003]
# Hans RUTTEN: drums; windchimes, percussion; 505 drumloops ["If_Then_Else"]; bells, tambourine [auf "Mandylion"]; Songwriting

[ehemalige Bandmitglieder]
# Jelmer WIERSMA: electric und 12 string acoustic guitars, Songwriting (GRÜNDUNGSMITGLIED; bis "Nighttime Birds", 1997)
# Bart SMITS: lead- und backing vocals, lyrics  auf "Always" (1992) & den beiden Demos
# Niels DUFFHUES: vocals, lyrics, (tw.) Songwriting, acoustic guitar auf "Almost A Dance" (1993)
# Martine VAN LOON: female vocals, (tw.) lyrics [auf "Almost A Dance"]
# Hugo PRINSEN GERLIGS:bass; flute, triangle [auf "Always"]; vibraphone ["If_Then_Else"]; tambourine [z.B. bei Live Tournee zu "Souvenirs" (2003)]; Songwriting(GRÜNDUNGSMITGLIED; bis Ende November 2003)

# Marike Groot: all female vocals [auf "Always"]
# Henk van Koeverden: electronics, Korg MS 10 [auf "Always"]
# Attie Bauw: producer, percussion, add. arrangements [auf "How To Measure...."]
# Bart van Vegchel: french horn [auf "If_Then_Else"]
# Ad Verspaandonk: trombone [auf "If_Then_Else"]
# Emmeke Bressers: Hobo & Oboe [auf "If_Then_Else"]
# Jasper Slotboom & Marthe Kalkhoven: Cello [auf "If_Then_Else"]
# Jiska ter Bals: violin [auf "If_Then_Else"]
# "Zap the killer": silent p.q. loops [auf "If_Then_Else"]
# Robert Moorman: add. acoustic guitar & (lead) guitars [auf der "Amity"- EP]
# Sarah Jezewbel Deva: "spoken words" - part ["Black Light District" auf "Black Light District"]
# Zlaya Hadzich: producer, add. instruments, arrangements, Co-Autor (Musik & tw. Lyrics) [auf "Souvenirs"]
# "Trickster G": add. vocals ["A Life All Mine" auf "Souvenirs"]
# "Dorothy": female backing vocals ["You Learn About It" auf "Souvenirs"]
# Mathias Eick: trumpet [auf "Souvenirs"]
# Wouter Planteijdt: add.electric & acoustic guitar [auf "Souvenirs"]
# Michael Buyens: add. bass [auf "Souvenirs"]
# "Kid Sublime": beats [auf "Souvenirs"]


Holland's premier band, The Gathering, have always been a continual guarantee for both creatively challenging and special releases. The band's early Celtic Frost/Hellhammer-inspired music was as welcomed as it was primitively heavy, and their transformation into a more atmospherically and euphorically rocking outfit brought even more wonder, amazement and adoration from their growing fan-base. Now the most successful Dutch rock act going, The Gathering, once again unveil a new masterpiece, the curiously titled "if_then_else". Expanding on the foundation set by the band's fifth release and first double-album, "How to Measure a Planet?", the band's new opus has a heavier overall feel to it, while the intense texturing and astounding progressions of the band's sound are still very present.
Where as "How to Measure...?" contained a sense of "traveling" running throughout [both physically and emotionally] if_then_else's title offers, more than anything else, this theme: Criticism towards a type of logic which not only controls a machine but also the thinking patterns of modern civilization and mankind.
Following the first two albums "Always..." and "Almost a Dance" [which were still pretty much rooted within the gothic-doom underground scene], the addition of the amazingly talented and charismatic vocalist Anneke van Giersbergen started the band's ascension to the top of the progressive rock and metal scene. A great reason for this success is the band's first Century Media album, "Mandylion", and its stylistically similar follow-up release "Nighttime Birds".
Countless festival appearances and touring helped support both albums as the band's appeal continued to grow throughout the world. At that point The Gathering stood at what could be seen as the first crossroads of their career: They were successful, but nevertheless they felt trapped in a artistically-controlled corner, which was very limited and small due to the high expectations from their fan-base. The result: "How to Measure a Planet?", a double-album which vastly expanded The Gathering's creative spectrum and style.
Innovative recording techniques, a will to experiment, lust for a pure sound and a turning away from the standard structuring of a rock song were the most dominant elements on "How to Measure a Planet?". It was a risky album but in the end proved to be incredibly rewarding with its ethereally dramatic elements and inspiring hooks. The band's dreamy melodies, pounding rhythms and angelic vocal lines captivated their audiences during the countless shows the band played in support of the album [including their first tour of the US, highlighted by a spectacular set at the 1999 Milwaukee Metal Festival] and again on the subsequent release, "Superheat", the band's first official live album.
The progression of The Gathering's music has been nothing short of inspiring, and once again the band delivers a new album full of sensational melodies, seasoned playing and some of the most creative hard rock songwriting around. The eleven songs on if_then_else were again mixed by the band's partner Attie Bauw at Bauwhaus Studios/Amsterdam but the actual recording of the material took place in two different small Dutch studios [Studio S & K in Doetinchem and Studio Koeienverhuurbedrijf in Purmerend] in a completely 'live' setting. Consequently, some interesting and diverse sound-collages blend with untamed strength throughout the new album, bringing their ethereal magic to the forefront once again. The musical spectrum of the record is enormous: from the deeply atmospheric, electro-influenced songs to the more driving, metallic-rock numbers, the band's new offering is a pleasure for all fans of The Gathering's material. "if_then_else" is an analog wall of sound; pure emotion reveling in a dreamland of rhythms and tones while lyrically giving proof that up-to-date technology doesn't necessarily ruin timeless beauty......
......and The Gathering's succesful musical carreer is sure about to be continued; with the Mini-Album "Black Light District" - celebrating hereby a rather unusual band anniversary (12 and a half years, to be exact) - and the new studio album "Souvenirs" .... let's see where The Gathering's music will turn to in the future..... MORE rock and metal elements again? MORE electronic ? or even some orchestral experiments again? (I guess the last one might be the right hint, since The Gathering played two gigs in August 2003, performing their greatest hits in new acoustic versions!), which were released as CD ("Sleepy Buildings") also in January 2004 ..... Well, I'm looking forward to any new album by one of the most important bands in The Netherlands....

(übernommen von der offiziellen The Gathering - Homepage:; erweitert und adaptiert von Andreas Georg Hilzensauer)


(Photos = Schnappschüsse aus dem Videoclip "Eléanor - Live in Poland" bzw. pics aus dem Internet)



(= Rehearsal tape; Vocals: Bart Smits)
Second Sunrise (6:48)/ Six Dead, Three To Go (4:04)/ Downfall (5:21)/ Another Day (3:14)/ Share The Wisdom (4:14).
[Live recordings made 18th of October,1990 with help of Johan & Ralph.// Not everything on this tape is perfect, our sincere apologies for that// All music by The Gathering, All lyrics by B. Smits]

?? [=> Demo von "Bad Breath" feat. Anneke van Giersbergen]:

?? [=> Solo-Demo von Anneke van Giersbergen]:

Subzero (6:21)/ Anthology in Black (3:48)/ Second Sunrise (6:50)/ Downfall (6:03)/ In Sickness & Health (6:45).
[Recorded live at the Caveman Studio 1st April, 1991 with help of Johan.]

ALBEN (Official & Promos)/ SAMPLER/ BOOTLEGS:

ALWAYS.... (Vocals: Bart Smits & weibl. Gastgesang) [=> 1999 (als remastered Version) unter dem bandeigenen Label "Psychonaut" wiederaufgelegt]:
The Mirror Waters/ Subzero/ In Sickness And Health/ King For A Day/ Second Sunrise/ Stonegarden/ Always..../ Gaya´s Dream.
[Recorded and mixed 28/02/92 - 07/02/92 at the Beaufort studio, Bovenkarspel, Holland]

ALMOST A DANCE (Vocals: Niels Duffhues & Martine van Loon) [=> 1999 (als remastered Version) unter dem bandeigenen Label "Psychonaut" wiederaufgelegt]:
On A Wave (5:51; Music: The Gathering/ Lyrics: Niels)/ The Blue Vessel (6:04; Music: René/ Lyrics: Niels)/ Her Last Flight (8:45; Music: René, Frank, Hugo/ Lyrics: Niels)/ The Sky People (4:26; Music: Frank/ Lyrics: Niels)/ Nobody Dares (3:31; Music: Niels/ Lyrics: Niels)/ Like Fountains (7:39; Music: Frank, René/ Lyrics: Niels, Martine)/ Proof (6:16; Music: Jelmer, Frank/ Lyrics: Niels)/ Heartbeat Amplifier (4:51; Music: René, Frank/ Lyrics: Niels)/ A Passage To Desire (6:44; Music: Frank, René, Hugo/ Lyrics: Niels, Martine).

ALWAYS (US - Version):
The Mirror Waters/ Subzero/ In Sickness And Health/ King For A Day/ Second Sunrise/ Stonegarden/ Always.../ Gaya's Dream.

ALWAYS.... (Remix - Version):

MANDYLION (CD bzw. Picture Vinyl):
Strange Machines (6:04)/ Eléanor (6:42)/ In Motion # 1 (6:56)/ Leaves (6:01)/ Fear The Sea (5:50)/ Mandylion (Instrumental; 5:02)/ Sand And Mercury (9:57)/ In Motion # 2 (6:08).
MANDYLION (Japan. Ausgabe):
= identisch mit vorangehender Track-Liste & "Adrenaline" (4:14)/ "Third Chance" (First Recording Version)(5:37).

COUNTRIFIED (Farmer Boys) [=> 2000 wiederaufgelegt]:
nur 1 Lied: "Never Let Me Down Again"(feat. Anneke van Giersbergen on vocals) [Depeche Mode - Cover Version!!]

NIGHTTIME BIRDS [CD im Jewel Case oder DigiPak bzw. "Full Promo" - CD im Cardboard; manche DigiPak-Ausgaben (+ die japan. Ausgabe) haben als Bonus-Track "Strange Machines" (Live mit dem Metropole-Orchestra => siehe: "The May Song"- Maxi CD!]:
On Most Surfaces (Inuit) (6:52)/ Confusion (6:30)/ The May Song (3:43)/ The Earth Is My Witness (5:31)/ New Moon, Different Day (6:06)/ Third Chance (5:26)/ Kevin´s Telescope (3:22)/ Nighttime Birds (6:55)/ Shrink (3:59).

OUT OF THE DARK - LIVE COMPILATION [=> "Century Media" - Sampler]:
nur 2 Songs: "Eléanor (Live; 6:37)"& "Leaves (Live; 6:54)" [=> both: recorded live on 26/05/1996 @ "Pinkpop" Festival, Landgraaf - NL]

Frail (You Might As Well Be Me) (5:04)/ Great Ocean Road/ Rescue Me (6:22)/ My Electricity/ Liberty Bell (Album Version 6:00)/ Red Is A Slow Colour/ The Big Sleep/ Marooned/ Travel.

HOW TO MEASURE A PLANET ? (Limited Edt. mit zusätzl. "5-Track-Bonus-CD"):
Identisch mit vorangehender Track-List & "Bonus - CD": South American Ghost Ride (Instrumental)/ Illuminating/ Locked Away/ Probably Built In The Fifties/ How To Measure A Planet (Instrumental).

INTO ELECTRIC CASTLE (Aeyron) [=> 2003 wiederaufgelegt] [= Konzeptalbum (2 CDs) von Aeyron in Kollaboration mit diversen anderen Künstlern => Anneke van Giersbergen singt/ spielt die Rolle der "Egyptian" *=> All songs written and composed by A.A.LUCASSEN except: FISH wrote the lyrics for the "Highlander" on 2,5 & 6 (CD 1); JAY VAN FEGGELEN wrote lyrics for "Barbarian" 3 (CD 1)/ ANNEKE VAN GIERSBERGEN wrote the melody line for "Egyptian" 6 (CD1)/ PETER DALTREY wrote the lyrics for 1 (CD 1) and 9 (CD 2) and all narration]:
CD1:  Welcome to the New Dimension/ Isis and Osiris [a) Let the Journey Begin/  b) The Hall of Isis and Osiris/ c) Strange Constellations] */ Amazing Flight [a) Amazing Flight in Space/ b) Stardance/ c) Flying Colours]/ Time Beyond Time/ The Decision Tree (We're Alive)/ Tunnel of Light */ Across the Rainbow Bridge // CD2: The Garden of Emotions [a) In the Garden of Emotions/ b) Voices in the Sky/ c) The Aggression Factor] */ Valley of the Queens */ The Castle Hall/ Tower of Hope */ Cosmic Fusion [a) I Soar on the Breeze/b) Death's Grunt/ c) The Passing of An Eagle]/  The Mirror Maze [a) Inside the Mirror Maze/ b) Through the Mirror]/  Evil Devolution/ The Two Gates/ "Forever" of the Stars/ Another Time, Another Space.

ROCK HARD - 17x DYNAMIT (Vol. 14) [Compilation; November 1998]:
nur 1 Lied: "Liberty Bell" ("Extended Promo-CD" - Version; 5:46) [=> im Gegensatz zur Album Version (6:00): Part (1. Strophe und Refrain) vor Bridge wird doppelt gespielt und statt Keyboard - Outro langes Fade Out ab 5:00; "O2 is alright" fehlt].

SUPERHEAT (Live-CD; auch als Digi-Pak):
Live @ "Paradiso", Amsterdam (16/04/1999): The Big Sleep/ On Most Surfaces (Inuit)/ Probably Built In The Fifties/ Liberty Bell/ Marooned // Live @ "013", Tilburg (28/02/1999): Rescue Me/ Strange Machines // Live @ "Paradiso", Amsterdam (16/04/1999): Nighttime Birds/ My Electricity/ Sand And Mercury // Eléanor (= CD Rom - Bonus Track; Live in Poland).

IF_THEN_ELSE (auch als Digi-Pak):
Saturnine (5:11)/ Rollercoaster (4:45)/ Shot To Pieces (4:10)/ Amity (5:57)/ Bad Movie Scene (3:49)/ Colorado Incident (4:53)/ Beautiful War (Instrumental; 2:32)/ Analog Park (6:05)/ Herbal Movement (4:10)/ Morphia´s Waltz (6:37)/ Pathfinder (Instrumental; 4:38).

IF_THEN_ELSE (Limited Edition):
= Schachtel mit Album als Digi-Pak, Poster und Sticker.

(recorded in August 2000 at the 14th Bizarre Festival in Weelze)
Rollercoaster/ On Most Surfaces (Inuit)/ Liberty Bell/ Leaves/ Analog Park/ Amity/ Strange Machines/ Shot To Pieces/ Nighttime Birds/ [Marooned]/ Saturnine.

DOWNFALL - THE EARLY YEARS (Doppel - CD; Compilation):
CD 1: The 7" (unreleased demo): In Sickness and Health (7:26)/ Gaya's Dream (6:24)/ Always... (2:31)/ Moonlight Archer: Subzero (6:21)/ Anthology in Black (3:48)/ Second Sunrise (6:50)/ Downfall (6:03)/ In Sickness and Health (6:45)/ An Imaginary Symphony: Second Sunrise (6:48)/ Six dead, three to go (4:04)/ Downfall (5:21)/ Another Day (3:14)/ Share the Wisdom (4:14) // CD 2: CD-Rom-Track:  = Live-Konzert v. 1991: Subzero/ In Sickness & Health/ Downfall/ Second Sunrise/ King For A Day/ The Mirror Waters/ Gaya´s Dream/ Zugabe: Anthology in Black (53:55; mit minimalen Bandfehlern zu Beginn & zum größten sehr guter Tonqualität)
[line-up:  Bart Smits - vocals/ Frank Boeijen - keyboards/ Jelmer Wiersma - guitar/ René Rutten - guitar/ Hugo Prinsen Geerligs - bass/ Hans Rutten - drums// credits:  the 7" was recorded at the Beaufort Studios, both demos at The Gathering's rehearsal room, graphic design: Hans Nagtegaal, typography: Marco Jeurissen]

SOUVENIRS (am 24. Februar 2003 erschienen) [=> alle Tracks: Music by The Gathering & Zlaya Hadzich!]:
A Life All Mine (feat. Trickster G from Ulver; lyrics by Aneke & Trickster G) (5:07)/ Even The Spirits Are Afraid (5:12)/ Broken Glass (4:58)/ We Just Stopped Breathing [lyrics by Zlaya Hadzich!]/ Golden Grounds (4:52)/ Jelena (5:55)/ You Learn About It (5:08)/ Souvenirs (6:06)/ Monsters [lyrics by Zlaya Hadzich!] (5:01)/ These Good People (5:55).

BACKSPACE (zweites Album der holländischen Band "Lawn"; erschienen Ende Oktober 2003):
nur 1 Lied: "Fix" (feat. Anneke van Giersbergen on vocals) [Cover Version => written by Lawn].

SLEEPY BUILDINGS - A SEMI ACOUSTIC EVENING (= "Semi accoustic"- live CD, recorded in Nijmegen, the Netherlands on August 21st & 22nd, 2003 -  including "acoustic versions" of The Gathering's "greatest hits" so far  - am 26. Jänner 2004 erschienen) [=> auch als "Full-Track-Promo" mit falschem Erscheinungsdatum (26. 1. 2003!) erschienen]:
Locked Away/ Saturnine/ Amity/ The Mirror Waters ("2003"-Version => d.h. mit Anneke on vocals )/ Red Is A Slow Colour/ Sleepy Buildings/ Travel/ Shrink/ In Motion (Part II)/ Stonegarden ("2003"-Version => d.h. mit Anneke on vocals )/ My Electricity/ Eléanor/ Marooned/ Like Fountains ("2003"-Version => d.h. mit Anneke on vocals ).

MISSBEHAVIOUR (Sampler - am 21. Juni 2004 erschienen):
CD: Flowing Tears: Razorbliss/ Lacuna Coil: Unspoken/ Lullacry: Alright Tonight/ Arch Enemy: Leader of the Rats/ The Gathering: Shot to Pieces (Album Version)/ Scheitan: My Isle/ Tiamat: Carry your Cross and I will carry Mine/ Warmen: Alone/ Nightwish: Beauty and the Beast/ Lowemotor Corporation:The flying´ G/ My Ruin: Sex Junkie/ Holy Moses: Disorder of the Order/ Shadow: The Reunion in Soul Asylum/ Evenfall: Rawish/ Madder Mortem: Faceless/ Novembre: Cloudbusting/ The Gathering: Amity (Album Version) // Bonus-DVD (= Videoclips): Lacuna Coil: Heaven´s a Lie/ Lullacry: Don´t Touch the Flame/ Arch Enemy: We Will Rise/ My Ruin: Made to Measure/ Lowemotor Corporation: Soul of a Pagan/ Ram-Zet: Queen/ Nightwish:The Carpenter/ The Gathering: Liberty Bell/ Lullacry: Damn You/ Madder Mortem: Rust Cleansing (Live).

nur 1 Lied: "In Power We Entrust The Love Advocated" [Cover Version] [=> siehe: B-Side v. "Kevin's Telescope].

?? (= Soundtrack zu Danyael Sugawaras "The Quiet One"):

?? (= music for an educational history CD-Rom for schools):

HOME [= neues Studialbum, am 13. April 2006 erschienen]:

MONOCHROME (Daniel Cavanagh) [= Majorlabel - Solodebut] [CD (im DigiPak)*, Promo-CD (im DigiPak = reguläre Ausgabe mit zusätzl. Promosticker)*, Russian Counterfeit CD (im JewelCase)*, Doppel-LP** bzw. Download (amazon, iTunes, etc.)] (erschienen am 13. Oktober 2017* bzw. 17. November 2017**) (* Kscope / Daniel Cavanagh / Snapper Music Ltd. | KSCOPE281) (** Kscope / Daniel Cavanagh / Snapper Music Ltd. | KSCOPE945):

A: The Exorcist (6:42)/ This Music (4:49) // B: Soho (7:39)/ The Silent Flight Of The Raven Winged Hours (instrumental) (9:02) || C: Dawn (instrumental) (2:42)/ Oceans Of Time (8:14) // D: Some Dreams Come True (instrumental) (8:28)

[=> LineUp: Daniel Cavanagh: voice (Cuts 1-6); all instruments (uncredited in den LinerNotes): keyboards, synthesizers, organ, piano, e- & acoustic guitar, drums, bass // Gastmusiker: Anneke van Giersbergen: voice (Cuts 2, 3, 6) / Anna Phoebe: violin (Cuts 3, 4, 5, 7) // Andrea Wright: recording || written, produced & performed by Daniel Cavanagh || Crossfading zwischen den Cuts 6 & 7!!].

[CD (im DigiPak)*, LP (Black Vinyl), "Limited Edition" LP (White Vinyl; 300 Stück only!! - exclusively from "Record Shop X"/ "Levykauppa Äx")**, "Limited Edition" LP (Light Blue Vinyl; 300 Stück only!! - exclusively from "Record Shop X"/"Levykauppa Äx")***, "Limited Edition" LP (White & Black / Blue & Purple - Marbled Vinyl)**** bzw. Downloadalbum° + diverse Bundles - exclusively from "Record Shop X"/"Levykauppa Äx" (CD & signed Photo; alle LP-Varianten & signed Photo)] (erschienen am 28. Mai 2021) (* Nuclear Blast Tonträger Produktions- und Vertriebs GmbH | NB 5752-0 / 27361 57520) (** Nuclear Blast Tonträger Produktions- und Vertriebs GmbH | 5752-1 / 27361 57521) (*** Nuclear Blast Tonträger Produktions- und Vertriebs GmbH | NB 5752-1 / 27361 57527) (**** Nuclear Blast Tonträger Produktions- und Vertriebs GmbH | NB 5752-1 / 27361 57521) (° Nuclear Blast):

nur 1 Lied: "Fading Moon" (feat. Anneke van Giersbergen) (:)*

[* => LineUp: Esa Holopainen: guitar; producer; songwriting // Anneke van Giersbergen: vocals / Pasi Heikkilä: bass / Vili Itäpelto: keyboards / Sampo Haapaniemi: drums // Nino Laurenne: producer; mix || music & lyrics written by: Esa Holopainen].

SILVER LAKE BY ESA HOLOPAINEN [Japanese CD (im JewelCase)] (erschienen am 28. Mai 2021) (Nuclear Blast Tonträger Produktions- und Vertriebs GmbH / Chaos Reigns / Ward Records, Inc. // Vertrieb: Sonic Music Solutions Inc. | GQCS-91034 / WRDZX-063):

nur 1 Lied: "Fading Moon" (feat. Anneke van Giersbergen) (:)

SILVER LAKE BY ESA HOLOPAINEN ["Limited Edition" Boxset + Bundle - exclusively from "Record Shop X"/"Levykauppa Äx" (Boxset & signed Photo)] (Nuclear Blast Tonträger Produktions- und Vertriebs GmbH | NB 5752-0):

= Clamshell Box mit CD (im Digipak), Flagge, Plektrum und Karte

[=> Thumbnail zeigt die vergrößerte Darstellung des Sets!!].

SINGLES/ EPs (Official & Promos):

=> ??.

Strange Machines [Single Edit (=> frühes Fade Out bei 4:22) & Original Album - Version (6:03)]/ In Motion # 1 (Live at KRO)(7:52)/ Leaves (Live at KRO)(6:16).

Adrenaline (4:14)/ Leaves [Edit - Version (3:59) & Original Album - Version (5:59)]/ Third Chance (First Recording - Version) (5:37).

LEAVES (Promo-CD):
Leaves (Video-Edit)/ Eléanor (Edit)/ Strange Machines (Edit; 4:22 => siehe: "Strange Machines"-Single).

KEVIN´S TELESCOPE [im JewelCase mit Wendecover => d.h. 4 verschiedene Coverbilder sind möglich!!]:
Kevin´s Telescope (Album Version; 3:22 => mit etw. früherem Fade Out, um Cross Fading mit "Nighttime Birds" zu "verstecken")/ In Power We Entrust The Love Advocated [Cover Version v. "Dead Can Dance"] (4:05)/ When The Sun Hits [Cover Version von "Halstead"] (4:53)/ Confusion (Demo-/ Eroc - Mix => = eine Art "Extended Promo-CD" - Version, wo der markante Gitarrenbreak fehlt & die von EROC leicht bearbeitet wurde) (7:15).

The May Song [Radio Edit (3:48 => = vertauschte Reihenfolge von Strophen und Refrain) & Album-Version (3:44)]/ The Earth Is My Witness (Edit-Version; 4:12)/ Strange Machines (Live with the Metropool [hic!] Orchestra; 13/2/1996) (6:50).

Liberty Bell [Edit - Version (3:56 => kürzeres Intro und early Fade Out bei 3:40)]/ Shrink (First Recording-/ Demo - Version; 2:14 => als Autor wird NUR Anneke angegeben)/ Frail (Live at Radio "3FM"; 3:57).

Probably Built In The Fifties.

RESCUE ME (Promo - Single):
Rescue Me (Album Version)/ u.a. (??)

Rollercoaster (Edit; 3:55)/ Theme from "The Cyclist" (3:18)/ Leaves (Live with the Metropole Orchestra - 13/2/1996; 4:09)/ Liberty Bell (Videoclip => Edit - Version 3:56).

Amity [RadioMix (mit zusätzl. Akustik-Gitarre und early Fade Out), "TripPopRadioRemix", "TimecodeAudioRemix", "ExtendedTripRemix" & "ThreePeopleRemix"]/ Life´s What You Make It [= "TalkTalk" - Cover-Version]/ Amity (Live @ "Isabelle")(6:11) // Multimedia - Part:  Making of "Life´s What You Make It" (CD-Rom-Video).

BLACK LIGHT DISTRICT [EP] (am 24. Juni 2002 erschienen) [=> All songs composed and performed by The Gathering; except "Debris": composed by The Gathering & Zlaya Hadzich]:
Black Light District (feat. Sarah Jezebel Deva) (16:22)/ Debris (Lyrics by Anneke & Zlaya Hadzich!) (4:35)/ Broken Glass (Piano Reprise) (3:32) // Multimedia-Part (=> = Gallery, Band-Biography, Links & 4 Videos (über die Entstehung v. "Black Light District" & "Souvenirs").

YOU LEARN ABOUT IT (Ende April erschienen; Netherlands only!) [Limited Edition]:
You Learn About It (Radio Mix; 3:37) [=> = weniger Refrains am Ende des Songs & kürzeres Outro]/ You Learn About It (Album Version; 5:08).

MONSTERS [EP] (am 13.Oktober 2003 in den BENELUX & am 27. Oktober im restl. Europa erschienen):
Monsters (Radio Mix)/ Monsters ("Extended Promo-CD" - Version)/ Monsters (Gallion Mix)/ Monsters (Gauzy Mix)/ Monsters Go Deep (Dance Mix) // Multimediateil: 30 Minuten Live Recordings von den Shows in Nürnberg und Hamburg (2003): "Monsters" - "Black Light District" (Long Live Version) - "You Learn About It" (feat. Kristin Fjellseth v. Pale Forest)/ English spoken live TV interview with Anneke at the German TV station RCN TV.




Strange Machines (Promovideo)
Strange Machines (Live)
x Liberty Bell (Promovideo) [=> Single-Edit (3:56)]
Leaves (Promovideo) [=>Video-Edit]
Gaya´s Dream (Promovideo)
x Eléanor - Live in Poland.
x Making of "Life´s What You Make It" [=> "Amity"-EP]
My Electricity (Live '99)
You Learn About It [=>Radio-Mix]
Even The Spirits Are Afraid (Live)
Monsters [=> videoclip made by Lorenzo Bonicontro (visual art student in Brazil) => Radio-Mix]
Waking Hours - Live @ Paradiso 2006 [=> downloadbar über "Google Videos"]
This Music (Daniel Cavanagh feat. Anneke van Giersbergen) [4:52]


 # "Leaves" zu finden auf:
"Dark Winter Nights" (=> = Sampler von "Hall of Sermon")/ "Fairies, Elves & Angels" (2001).

# "Eléanor" zu finden auf:
"Twilight Of Gods 1" (2000)/ "Beauty in Darkness (Vol.2)" [=> Live in Poland; siehe: "Superheat"-Live-CD].

# "Nighttime Bird" zu finden auf:
"Angels Delight 2" (2000).

# "Strange Machines" zu finden auf:
"Out Of The Dark" (1997)/ "Zwischenfall 2" (1996)/ "Century Media USA - 10th Anniversary" (2001).

# "Adrenaline" zu finden auf:
"Century Media USA - 10th Anniversary" (2001).

# "Kevin's Telescope" zu finden auf:
"18x Dynamit (Vol.7 * Juni 1997)" [= Promo-Sampler im Cardboard; Beilage zum Magazin "RockHard"] (1997).

# "Frail (You Might As Well Be Me)" zu finden auf:
"Ladies, Queens & Sluts" (1999)/ "Monster Compilation 3" (1999).

# "Marooned" (Live Version v. "Superheat") zu finden auf:
"Off Road Tracks (Vol.27)" [= Promo-Sampler im Cardboard; Beilage zum Magazin "Hard Rock & Metal Hammer] (1999).

# "When The Sun Hits " [Cover Version] zu finden auf:
"Call On The Dark 2" (1998).

# "Rescue Me" zu finden auf:
"Wave Gotik 2" (1999).

# "Saturnine“ zu finden auf:
"The Gothic Sampler – Part X" (2000)/ "Magazine For Underground Culture - Gothic 30" (= CD & Magazin) (2000).

# "Rollercoaster" zu finden auf:
"Metal Dreams (Vol.3)" (2001).

# "Colorado Incident" zu finden auf:
"Blessed By The Night 2" (2001).

# "Shot To Pieces" zu finden auf:
"Blessed By The Night" (2000).

# "Amity (Live @ "Isabelle") zu finden auf:
"Angels Delight 3" (2001).

# "Life Is What You Make It" [Cover Version] zu finden auf:
"Cover It Up (Vol.2)" (vö: 14. Oktober 2005) [=> Doppel-CD-Sampler].

# "Debris" zu finden auf:
"M'era Luna Festival 2002"/ "Oorgasm 10" (Promo-Sampler) [=> Beilage zum "OOR"-Magazin] [NL only!!] (Emag!c Entertainment | OORG@SM2002-10) (2002).

# "Souvenirs" zu finden auf:
"Neue holländische Welle" [=> Promo-Sampler im Cardboard] (2004).

# "Broken Glass" zu finden auf:
"Zillo Dark Summer 2003".

# "Sleepy Buildings" zu finden auf:
"Bittersweet" (2005) [=> Doppel-CD-Sampler].

# "Shrink" zu dinden auf:
"Gothic Romance 3 - The Best Goth Love Songs" (vö: 1. Oktober 2010) (Golden Core / ZYX)) [=> Doppel-CD-Sampler]

# "Shortest Day" zu finden auf:
"Beautiful Voices (Vol.2)" [=> CD/DVD-Set im DigiPak] (2006).

# "Your Troubles Are Over" zu finden auf:
"M'era Luna Festival 2006" [=> Doppel-CD-Sampler; vö: 11. August 2006] (Totentanz/ Soulfood Music).

[& "Oorgasm # 12" (=> Compilation zum holländischen "OOR-Magazin") / "Zilloscope 3/03" (Promo-Sampler) [= Beilage zum "Zillo" - Magazin (Ausgabe März 2003)] / "Dark Summer - Best Of Goth Open Airs 2002" (Doppel-CD - Promo-Sampler) [= Beilage zum "Zillo" - Magazin]].


IN MOTION (= unofficial Release!!):

Live At Dynamo Open Air: Opening/ Intro/ Eleanor/ Fear the Sea/ Leaves/ In Motion #2/ Adrenaline/ Strange Machines // Live In Katowice: Confusion/ The May Song/ New Moon, Different Day/ Sand & Mercury/ Adrenaline/ Strange Machines // Additional Video-Clips: Leaves/ Liberty Bell // The Gathering - Discography: All albums from 1991 - 2002 (ca. 87 min.).


nur 1 Videoclip: "Eléanor" (Live in Poland).

THE DARK SIDE (DVD-Sampler mit div. Videoclips) (Ende März erschienen):

Videoclips: Psychedelic Furs: Pretty in pink/ Chameleons: Don't fall/ Mission: Beyond the pale/ Alien Sex Fiend: Ignore the machine/ Einstürzende Neubauteen: Sabrina/ And One: Driving with my darling/ Mesh: It scares me/ Wolfsheim: Once in a lifetime/ 18 Summers: Felix in the sky/ Deine Lakaien: Into my arms/ Project Pitchfork: Trialog/ In Strict Conficence: Engelsstaub/ Apoptygma Berzerk: Suffer in silence/ Zeromancer: Clone your lover/ Paradise Lost: Erased/ Secret Discovery: Slave to the rhythm/ Tiamat: Brighter than the sun/ Apocalyptica: Somewhere around nothing/ Crematory: The fallen/ Type O Negative: Christian woman/ Moonspell: Nocturna/ Therion: Summernight city/ Sentenced: No one there/ My Dying Bride: For you/ Lacuna Coil: Heaven's a lie/ The Gathering: Liberty Bell/ Theatre Of Tragedy: Machine/ 69 Eyes: Gothic girl/ In Extremo: Wind/ Lacrimosa: Durch Nacht und Flut // Bonus-Tracks ("Live in Concert"):  Anathema: Restless oblivion (live)/ Skinny Puppy: Dig it (live)/ Clan Of Xymox: StrangeR/ Mesh: You didn't want me/ De/Vision: Try to forget // Interviews mit Apocalyptica & Wolfsheim // Special Feature "Scene" (Fashion, Clubs, Fastivals) (Länge: ca. 190 min.).

MONSTERS OF METAL (Vol. 01) [=> Doppel-DVD, Videoclip-Compilation von Nuclear Blast] (Ende August 2003 erschienen):

DVD 1: MANOWAR - Warriors Of The World United/ HAMMERFALL – Hearts On Fire/ HELLOWEEN – Just A Little Sign/ ANTHRAX – Safe Home/ SOILWORK – Rejection Role/ BLIND GUARDIAN – The Bard's Song (In The Forest)/ FARMER BOYS – Here Comes The Pain/ PRIMAL FEAR - Armaggedon/ TIAMAT – Vote For Love/ IN FLAMES – Trigger/ STATOVARIUS – Eagleheart/ SONATA ARTICA – Wolf & Raven/ MORBID ANGEL – Immortal Rites/ PARADISE LOST – Say Just Words/ IRON MAIDEN – Run To The Hills/ OOMPH! – Supernova/ SEVENDUST - Praise/ CRADLE OF FILTH – Her Ghost In The Fog/ STRAPPING YOUNG LAD – Relentless/ SEPULTURA – Bullet In The Blue Sky/ DARKANE – Innocence Gone/ DAVID SHANKLE GROUP – Ashes To Ashes/ LACUNA COIL – Heaven's A Lie/ EMPEROR – The Loss And Curse Of Reverance/ KATAKLYSM – Shadows And Dust/ CHILDREN OF BODOM – Everytime I Die/ THERION – Summernight City/ MASTERPLAN – Enlighten Me/ ATROCITY – Taste Of Sin/ CATHEDRAL – Hopkins (The Witchfinder General) // DVD 2: DEATHSTARS – Synthetic Generation/ MESHUGGAH – Rational Gaze/ MNEMIC - Ghost/ RHAPSODY – Power Of The Dragonflame/ JUDAS PRIEST – Lost And Found/ DIMMU BORGIR - Puritana/ BIOHAZARD - Sellout/ THE GATHERING - Leaves/ PUNGENT STENCH – Viva La Muerte/ DANZIG – Five Finger Crawl/ AMORPHIS - Alone // Special Bonus Material: LIVE CHAPTER: Destruction: The Butcher Strikes Back/ Hypocrisy: Fire In The Sky/ Kataklysm: The Awakener/ AUDIO CHAPTER "DR. BLAST SHOW":  Dr. Blast presents new stuff from: MYSTIC PROPHECY/ GRAVEWORM/ MNEMIC/ DEW-SCENTED/ MISERY INDEX/ RE:AKTOR/ DEATHSTARS/ DESTRUCTION/ PRIMAL FEAR/ DIMMU BORGIR/ Photogallerie/ Credits.

VISUAL REBELLION : DVD (DVD-Sampler) (erschienen am 26. Januar 2004):

nur 1 Videoclip: "In Motion II" [Live 1996] [wo??]


(Die folgende Liste enthält sämtliche Songs, die die Band The Gathering  jemals im Laufe ihrer Bandgeschichte aufgenommen und/oder performed haben (und sei es nur bei einem Live-Auftritt geschehen, den niemand mitgeschnitten hat.....)

Nota Bene:
Cover-Versionen sind mit einem §, unveröffentlichte Lieder mit einem 0, Lieder, die nur LIVE gespielt wurden mit einem # versehen.
Diverse Versionen ("Aufnahmen") werden nur angegeben, wenn es sich dabei um Studio-Cuts handelt; versch. Live-Versionen (wie z.B.die Akustik-Versionen von "Sleepy Buildings") werden nicht berücksichtigt.

x Another Day To Go 
x Anthology In Black
(tw.) Always.... (2 Aufnahmen)
x Adrenaline
x A Passage To Desire
x Amity
x Analog Park
x Amongst Stars § [=> Amorphis feat. Anneke van Giersbergen]
x A Life All Mine [co-written by Zlaya Hadzich]
x Bad Movie Scene
x Beautiful War
x Black Light District
x Broken Glass (2 Versonen) ["Album Version": co-written by Zlaya Hadzich] 
x Confusion
x Colorado Incident
x Downfall (2 Aufnahmen)
x Debris [co-written by Zlaya Hadzich]
Dub [= "Write in Progress"- Titel von "Golden Grounds"] 0
x Eléanor
x Even The Spirits Are Afraid [co-written by Zlaya Hadzich]
x Fear The Sea
x Frail (You Might As Well Be Me)
x Fix § [=> Lawn feat. Anneke van Giersbergen]
x Fading Moon § [=> Esa Holopainen feat. Anneke van Giersbergen]
(tw.) Gaya´s Dream (2 Aufnahmen)
x Great Ocean Road
x Golden Grounds [co-written by Zlaya Hadzich]
x Her Last Flight
x Heartbeat Amplifier
x How To Measure A Planet?
x Herbal Movement
(tw.) In Sickness And Health (3 Aufnahmen)
x In Motion #1
x In Motion #2
x Illuminating
x In Power We Entrust The Love Advocated §
Isis and Osiris § [=> Ayreon feat. Anneke van Giersbergen]
x Jelena [co-written by Zlaya Hadzich]
King For A Day
x Kevin´s Telescope
x Like Fountains
x Leaves
x Liberty Bell
x Locked Away
x Life´s What You Make It §
Lunarians (= Outtake von "Souvenirs") 0
x Mandylion
x My Electricity
x Marooned
x Morphia´s Waltz
Mokaka (= Outtake von "Souvenirs") 0
x Monsters [co-written by Zlaya Hadzich]
x Nobody Dares
x New Moon, Different Day
x Nighttime Birds
Never Let Me Down Again § [=> Farmer Boys feat. Anneke van Giersbergen]
x On A Wave
x On Most Surfaces (Inuit)
x Oceans Of Time § [=> Daniel Cavanagh feat. Anneke van Giersbergen]
x Proof
x Probably Built In The Fifties
x Pathfinder
x Rescue Me
x Red Is A Slow Colour
x Rollercoaster
Richard (= Outtake von "Souvenirs") 0
(tw.) Second Sunrise (3 Aufnahmen)
x Six Dead, Three to Go
x Share The Wisdom
(tw.) Subzero (2 Aufnahmen)
x Strange Machines
x Sand And Mercury
x Shrink
x South American Ghost Ride
x Saturnine
x Shot To Pieces
x Souvenirs [co-written by Zlaya Hadzich] 0
x Sleepy Buildings #
Shortest Day
x Soho § [=> Daniel Cavanagh feat. Anneke van Giersbergen]
The Mirror Waters
x The Blue Vessel
x The Sky People
x The May Song
x The Earth Is My Witness
x Third Chance (2 Aufnahmen)
x The Big Sleep
The Rescue ["Write in Progress" - Version v. "Rescue Me"??]
x Travel
x Theme from "The Cyclist"
x These Good People [co-written by Zlaya Hadzich]
Telson I  (= Outtake von "Souvenirs") 0
Telson II (= Outtake von "Souvenirs") 0
The Garden of Emotions § [=> Ayreon feat. Anneke van Giersbergen]
Tower of Hope § [=> Ayreon feat. Anneke van Giersbergen]
Tunnel of Light § [=> Ayreon feat. Anneke van Giersbergen; co-written (melody line) by Anneke]
x This Music § [=> Daniel Cavanagh feat. Anneke van Giersbergen]
Valley of the Queens § [=> Ayreon feat. Anneke van Giersbergen]
x When The Sun Hits §
x We Just Stopped Breathing [co-written by Zlaya Hadzich]
x You Learn About It [co-written by Zlaya Hadzich]
Your Troubles Are Over
Zion (= Outtake von "Souvenirs") 0

(104 Songs.......and still growing) (Official Site)